The World's Largest

Organic Coffee Franchise.

Luvoco, the world's first organic coffee. Soon it will open in more than 100 countries. The world's first organic and antioxidant coffee thanks to its unique ganoderma extract. Don't miss this deal and be the first Franchisee owner in your country or city.

One More Cup Of Coffee For The Healt..

Luvoco Cafe Samples

In Luvoco Cafe Concept, cafes can be opened provided that they are not smaller than 80 square meters. The rest is up to your imagination. Luvoco is always with you.

Luvoco Kiosk Samples

Luvoco Kiosks can be conveniently organized in a convenient location in your current cafe. It could be inside a mall. As you wish. Luvoco is always with you.

Luvoco Mobile Units

For those who don't want to stay stationary, mobile units are for you.
Luvoco is always with you.

Our Mission

To be a leader in this field by spreading Ganoderma based products to the world. To provide healthy and organic products to people. Creating a healthier and richer society. Luvoco make his coffee the world's number one.

Our Vision

To be the world leader in the processing, production and distribution of premium quality ganoderma coffee.

Luvoco's 7 Core Value

In every work we do, these 7 Core Values ​​will reflect us.

  • Leadership; Maintain an industry-leading position and be human-oriented.
  • Devotion; Improving  the  health  and  welfare  of    all humanity through long-term work devotion.
  • Unity; All   stakeholders   work   together   to   achieve exponential results regardless of culture, race or religion.
  • Integrity; He  always  does  the  right  thing and treats others with Respect.
  • Quality; To provide high quality products by providing the highest safety standard and quality control in product invention, development, cultivation and production processes.
  • Excellence; We   strive   to   achieve   and  exceed        Excellence in everything we do.
  • Innovation; Promote innovation according to market demand, opportunities and needs.


From Malaysia to Turkey, from Turkey to, which will spread to more than 100 countries on 6 continents Luvoco hurry to own for Coffee Franchise.

Remember, the first one always wins.